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Droidscape: Basilica

Character concept and Design,

Stop motion puppets

(fabrication and animation)

Additional 2D Animation,

Environments Desingn,

Elements and Textures Design,

UI elements design,

Comic strips and illustrations for intro, mid-game and game completion cut-scenes

Developer: Kyttaro Games


Starting production in 2012 until it's launch on July 2013, I was in charge of creating all visual aspects for Indie developer Kyttaro Games' iOS game, "Droidscape Basilica". We were all fans of the same sci-fi references in popular culture, shared the same aesthetics regarding games so we kinda decided early on about it being a retro-style cyberpunk. There where initial thoughts on the characters, what they'd be like, the choice to go old-school, stop motion puppets seemed fitting, so we went for it! Special mention should be done to the amazing soundtrack "Hexadecimal", created by Chris Christodoulou which you can listen to in Spotify here. The amount of work done was to much to fit in one gallery so I've broken things down to three. One for the game visuals, one for the stop motion figures and the third one for the drawings

The game

The characters

The comics

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